Pars Danesh Co. was established in 1984 in Esfahan ,Iran and was registered by No 10870 in Esfahan registration administration association . Pars Danesh's Main activities are designing and administering of mechanical and Electrical project.
With certificate ISO 9001:2008 in Designing, Manufacturing, Installing and Starting up of fans and jetfans up to 3000 RPM for ventilating of tunnel and mine and overhauling of tunnel's equipments.
Pars Danesh's activity in electrical field are following in below
  •  Designing , consulting , test and starting up the high distribution station and substation
  •  Manufacturing of distribution transformer with special ratio
  •  Manufacturing of the 20kv and 33kv cubicles and panels
  •  Manufacturing of distributing and measuring and control and protection panels
  •  Educating of professional substation and industrial automation equipments.
Company's activity in mechanical industrial are following in below:
  • Designing and manufacturing of fans and jetfans  
  • Manufacturing of electro locomotive 8000k and 1000k.
  • Manufacturing of tunnel excavating equipment
  • Manufacturing of TBM's cutter head equipment
  • Overhauling and rebuilding of tunnel excavating equipment
  • Installing and Starting up cable crane's for dam's workshop
  • Manufacturing of tension winch in various dimension
  • Manufacturing of gate crane
  • Installing and starting up of Batching plant
  • Installing and starting up of road mil and stone breaker
  • Overhauling  and paralleling of diesel generator
Name of some project that have executed by Pars Danesh co. is following in below
  • Overhauling and Rebuilding of TBM
  • Overhauling and starting up of electro locomotive and shuttlecar          
  • Excavating of outlet part of Cheshmeh Langan tunnel with Road header equipment
  • Overhauling and rebuilding of locomotive and PressCreat  
  • Manufacturing of various ventilator , fans & jetfans
  • Providing and manufacturing of TBM's equipment
  • Overhauling and rebuilding TBM equipment with diameter 3700mm and excavating
  • Overhauling and rebuilding TBM's cutter head of Herrenkenesht in Gavooshan tunnel
  • Manufacturing  of all kinds of industrial gear
  • Manufacturing of crane 3000k with tension winch with 100M height
  • Installing of gate crane in Saimareh's dam's workshop
  • Rebuilding of gate crane 12000k with 53m width
  • Installing and starting of cable crane in Karoon 4 's dam's workshop